Blue Monday

Dubbed the most depressing day of the year, Blue Monday falls on the third Monday of January. How did Blue Monday come to be? In 2005 a British psychologist hired a public relations firm to come up with the most depressing day of the year to help sell warm holidays. Here is the formula:

Who hasn’t felt this? A case of the Januarys is real to most and obviously depression in general is no laughing matter. But what are some antidotes to a case of the Blue Monday blahs? Here’s a few ideas that may help:


Go to bed an hour earlier – some extra zzz make everyone feel happier.

Eat whatever you want – a free eating day! Go back to your regular eating patterns on Tuesday.

Listen to your favourite tunes – Listening to happy music really CAN make you happier, find researchers. Feeling sad or angry? A study from the University of Missouri has confirmed that listening to an upbeat song can lift your mood.

Sweat it Out – exercise releases happy chemicals into our brains and makes us less stressed out. Give yourself a Blue Monday energy boost and reduce anxiety by exercising in your favourite way.

Get outside – enjoy some time outdoors to get some more pep in your step – Royal Bay Beachpark will do nicely! Living near beautiful outdoor spaces enhances mental health and spending time in sunlight helps our bodies produce vitamin D.

Wear bright colours (or lipstick) – it may not be scientifically proven, but wearing bright colours may enhance your mood. Experts say colour is always having an impact on our mood, even if we aren’t aware of it. It’s your chance to be noticed!

According to country singer Keith Urban, ‘Blue Ain’t Your Colour’ and we tend to believe him. Keep your chin up. Experts say June 18 is the happiest day of the year, so stay tuned.